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We love couple’s stories. One of our favorite parts about being a photographer is meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and hearing theirs. But, at the end, our couples always ask, “What about yours?” So, we would like to share our story, too.

We’ve known each other since elementary school and went to the same school until senior high school. We’re even on the same school bus. But there is no love chemistry at that time! NONE at all!

At the end of high school, Barnas moved to United States. Viola recently moved to Switzerland. The universe had brought them together again, when she had a holiday trip to Los Angeles. That was his first time said “Hello” to her on Facebook message after more than 14 years being a stranger. And that’s where our story begins. Being separated in 2 different continents with 9 hours time zone differences for more than 1 year is not an easy task. Thanks to Facetime that allowing us communicate with each other every day. We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Live, Laugh and Love is the way we‘re doing our journey. Both of us share the same passion for capturing magical moments, travelling, and eating good food!

When we talked about taking the engagement photo shoots in European countries, Paris with its iconic Eiffel tower and Louvre Museum will always be the targeted location for all couples around the world. No doubt that Paris is a beautiful and romantic city of love. But outside Paris, there are lots of small cities and villages in France or other countries offering a different beauty that’s definitely worth to experience.  Would you like to experience a frozen kingdom and riding huskies with -38C temperature covered by a magnificent green or yellow sky at night? Have you seen a spread of wide purple carpets of the lavender fields and eat the lavender jam at the lavender bee’s farm? Or do you want to take part in a festival that brings you back to the 17th centuries?

Both of us love discovering new places. Since we live in Europe, we have the privilege in exploring interesting places that mostly are not well known to the people reside outside Europe, and we would definitely love to capture those moments for you and your love ones.

Of course, taking pictures at the iconic places is a must if this is your first time in Europe, but experiencing something that different than what you see in MILLIONS of your friend’s pictures when they travel to Europe, is indeed something that remarkable to you. And that’s where we would like to freeze those magical moments into something that will last a lifetime.

Barnas & Viola Photography is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We specialize in capturing the moments of your beautiful events. We cover wedding, engagement, corporate, vacation, and family. We are Switzerland photographer that available to travel around the world.


We are storytellers and it is time to get your story ready!



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